Teddy bears can be cute and cuddly, but not the Monster Teddies. They’re a band of fierce heroes with freaky superpowers like none you’ve ever seen and fighting them every step of the way is their arch enemy, the Mad Collector.

Each Monster Teddy has a specic gem stuffed inside them, which keeps them alive, determines their personality and provides their freakish superpowers. Without their gems, they’d return to being lifeless cute fluffy teddy bears – a horrifying thought for all of them.

MONSTER TEDDIES is a 22 minute action-comedy series. Mysteries combine with laughs and jolts as our plush heroes struggle to harness their powers and uncover the secrets of Stone Mountain before the Mad Collector finds them first. After all, if a mountain that can turn teddy bears into Monsters ... it must have some pretty awesome secrets!

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