Nickelodeon Latin America’s SMASH HIT "Kally's Mashup" is a family comedy centered on the adventures of Kally, a musical prodigy who tries to balance her life between what it means to be a piano virtuoso and a 13-year-old girl. Her life changes when she leaves the small town where she lives with her mother to attend the prestigious Allegro Conservatory of Music.

There, in an adult world and in a big city, Kally feels like a "fish out of water." She must make new friends, understand the strict rules of the Conservatory and learn to live with her father. We will accompany Kally in the search for her true voice and we will witness the revelation of her talent to the world. Kally’s Mashup features unique music by creator and producer Adam Anders.  Season 1 (60 1-hour episodes) is currently airing on Nickelodeon Latin America as well as the Telefe network.

Centa IP has teamed up with Adam Anders and POW WOW Productions to introduce this amazing new franchise to the market place through fashion apparel, consumer electronics, publishing, Back to School, and much more.  

Representation: The Americas